Nice show @WEMF Radio station, lots of fun and nice chatting about the EP.
Newmarket, NH
We had a good time at NH this week, Stone Church Meeting House, great place to grab a beer and listen to amazing live music.
Salem MA
Yesterday we were on SATV in Salem, we had a great time, amazing energy from everyone. Salem, keep an eye, shortly the whole show will be on air. Thanks all involved.
Boston, MA
Nice morning on the BNNTV @ "Mark on Expression" with Sunshine. 
Amazing crew and production, glad to be here.
Malden, MA
Today we had a great time playing at Hugh O'Neill's in Malden, MA, awesome audience and very welcoming place.
We had an awesome time recording at "Live on Tape"
Today was an amazing day recording, lots of things done.
Doug Cabot (Drums)
Ian Luck (guitar)
Bruno Duprat (Vocals, Bass, Keys)
Love TAP in the studio, this Project will be entitled Seeds of Dawn and we can expect the release next year.
Until it's out, you can check out upcoming shows to hear the songs and like us on Facebook